Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deflategate II

So at yesterday's press conference Bill Belichick started out like this. He did a good job basically saying what this guy said about the science and physics involved in air pressure. And did ESPN's so called "Sports Science" folks also agree with Belichick?

Just remember Bill Belichick is not a scientist. (And for that matter neither is Bill Nye - he is a comedian/actor who parlayed a catchy nick-name into a career.)

Even though "the science is settled" some Patriot haters are going to grasp at articles like this that say the Patriots ability to grasp the football is "off the charts". Look - something's fishy they'll say. This despite the fact that the Patriots finished this "historic" season 2nd in the NFL with a +12 turnover mark (25 to 13). If they were historically off the charts shouldn't they have finished first? For comparison's sake the Seahawks finished 4th in the NFL with a +10 mark (24 to 14). So one turnover both ways and the Pats and Seahawks would have been tied. How is that off the charts?

Haters are going to hate no matter what. It is what it is.

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