Monday, August 29, 2016

Colin Kaepernick

At least one black live doesn't seems to matter to Colin Kaepernick - his own.

I appreciate Kaepernick's right to protest. We live in a free society where I too am free to have my beliefs which are mainly not to give a shit about the political beliefs or stances of back-up quarterbacks, B-list actors or comedians who stopped being funny five-years ago.

However, as a football fan I can't look away from this train wreck. And train wreck it is. A complete no-win situation.

Kaepernick has a disastrously large contract. He signed a 6-year $114 million contract in 2014 that has $61 million guaranteed. He could have used some of that $61 million to quietly become a benefactor to so very many. Instead he's become a lightning rod, complete ingrate prick, salary cap albatross or potential season long distraction depending on your point of view.

From the San Francisco 49er's point of view this is a distraction they didn't need from a player with an almost $20 million cap hit if they cut him. For their back-up QB! And if the team cuts him there will be people who complain that it was because Chip Kelly doesn't like black people. If Kaepernick keeps on sitting during the National Anthem then the boos will increase and even his teammates who support him will be put in a more and more uncomfortable situation especially as the losses start mounting (as they will). If Kaepernick caves and starts standing during the anthem - he will be viewed as a coward who lacked real conviction in his beliefs. Kaepernick can't even hide in the locker room during the anthem because he'd be a huge target for missiles thrown from the stands as he runs on and off the field.

I have to wonder if this is some sort of diabolical genius on the part of Kaepernick. Say if he no longer wants to play football but wants to collect all of his guaranteed money. This would be almost the perfect plan. Just sitting during the anthem isn't against the law or even team policy. Sure many people will hate him but this might be a way out of playing football and maybe even into some high paying speaking gigs for clueless kids at liberal arts colleges. I haven't seen anything this diabolical since Al Gore made millions pretending to care about global warming.

One prediction - at one of the 49ers road games this year a country singer (it will be a country singer) will sing the anthem and then shout "Fuck Colin Kaepernick" at the end to extremely loud applause. This country singer will simultaneously become famous overnight and banned from ever singing at another NFL game.

And I won't give a shit about this singer's political beliefs either.


  1. If this is a diabolically clever plan, then he almost certainly did not come up with it on his own.

  2. Well if Kaepernick went to his agent and told him he was thinking of quitting because of all the news about how blacks are being killed left and right by white police - then the agent (thinking how do I make sure I still get my cut) might have easily planted the idea in his head.