Friday, March 23, 2018

Facebook and Your Private Data

When the Obama campaign strip-mined Facebook it was OK. When Cambridge Analytica did it - it's a panic. There's a real double standard going on here and if you don't acknowledge that you really aren't being honest with yourself. It should also bother you that Silicon Valley is just making up rules about how to treat your private data as it goes along.

Remember, "if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer, you're the product being sold." Also remember that Mark Zuckerberg considers you "dumb f*cks" for trusting him with your data in the first place. And to be clear - I don't blame Zuckerberg. How did you think he became a billionaire? Offering services for free? Grow up and own that you are the product and that your data is the price you pay for Farmville (or whatever time wasters Facebooks offers since I'm not on Facebook I don't know).

Now ask yourself what real benefits you get from Facebook and are they worth the time-suck it takes away from your life then add in the loss of privacy. What more productive things could you be doing with all that time you waste on Facebook? What are the benefits you could gain from those activities?

Why are you still on Facebook?

I'm also seriously rethinking my feelings about what Julian Assange did.

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