Thursday, April 30, 2009

Interesting Player Comparison

Player A - .328 BA/ 1152 R/ 312 HR/ 1131 RBI/ .999 OPS/ 141 OPS+
Player B - .305 BA/ 1583 R/ 317 HR/ 1595 RBI/ .857 OPS/ 135 OPS+

Player B had the benefit of 3 more full seasons to compile more runs and RBI. Just looking at the comparison makes you think that the players are fairly close in offensive skills. It should be noted that Player A has won 3 Gold Gloves while Player B won just one.

Have you figured it out? Player A is Todd Helton while Player B is George Brett.

Helton may be the most under-rated player of this generation. Many people credit his numbers to playing at Coors Field but consider this - Helton's career road OPS is higher (.886 to .857) than Brett's overall career OPS.

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