Friday, August 07, 2009

Bill Simmons

I've been meaning to post about Bill Simmons for some time now. A while back I was more than a little luke warm on his book Now I Can Die In Peace. But something has happened to change my mind.

I got as far in the book as I could stomach but instead of quitting and putting the book on a shelf - instead I put the book in the bathroom. I got just prior to losing to the Yankees in the 2003 playoffs and I was ticked at myself for wasting my time reading crap about Carl Everett and the myriad pop culture obsessed brain droppings of Simmons. Bunch of crap. In the bathroom I started with Tim Wakefield's crushing fateful pitch to Aaron Boone and the writing and my interest in the book started to finally click.

Reading about the 2004 Red Sox and forward was interesting. I liked it. I really did. Plus reading in the bathroom seemed to put Simmons into his natural habitat. Reading Simmons a few pages at a time seems to be the proper dosage. Before I couldn't recommend the book but now I feel I can with this one caveat - skip the first 192 pages. Seriously.

The reason I bring this up today is because of Simmons great podcast with Jeff Ross. Good stuff - worth the 80 minutes.

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