Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Joe Montana couldn't have handled this any better... Albert Pujols is on pace for a MLB leading 373 total bases - makes you appreciate the amazing 406 total bases Jim Rice had in 1978... Selection of strange signs and bizarre translations from around the world... Besides Angels fans and fantasy baseball geeks - who knew? Kendry Morales of the Angels has a better OPS than Yankees Mark Teixeira (.931 to .927) and despite Teixeira having more HR Morales is out-slugging him by 33 points (.581 to .548)... Right now I would have to give the AL ROY to Toronto's Ricky Romero (10-4 and 3.53 ERA). Weiters and Price? Not so much... Cool technology - How to Transcribe a Whiteboard with Your Cameraphone... How close is the AL East race? The RedSox and Yankees have played almost the same number of games and have almost identical records home (both 35-17) and road (Y 28-25 and RS 27-25) and vs lefty (both 22-13) and righties (Y 41-29 and RS 40-29)... I think if you had to give out the NL ROY right now - then it would have to go to JA Happ (7-2 / 2.93 ERA) of the Phillies although an excellent case could be made for the Cubs Randy Wells... Heh Heh - Tiger Woods Farts His Way To Yet Another Win

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