Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I was busy at work and honestly I was in a funk blogging wise. I just didn't have the interest to post anything. Anyone who blogs knows that funk... Brandon Marshall is a dope. Don Banks was spot on with his assessment of the situation. If I were the Broncos - I'd publicly announce that the first team to pony up a first round draft pick can have him and I'd keep Marshall suspended until a team came up with the trade. What team would want to purposely invite this cancer of a player into their lockerroom? Chances are barring a serious injury to a team's number one receiver Marshall could stay home the whole season... Happy 140th birthday to the Mt Washington Cog Railway. I've climbed Mt Washington a few times and have also taken the Cog. Lots of fun... Scott Kazmir was supposed to be the Rays ace this year. Instead he gets traded because he sports a 6.00 ERA. Just saying but if Kazmir was a hitter people would be blaming his regression on PED's.... Nothing explains how dumb ESPN can be better than their fascination this week with the word "schism". It seems nobody at ESPN had ever heard that word before and "giggle, giggle" it sound just like jism. Some of the people laughing at the word supposedly have journalism degrees. Their alma maters must be so proud...

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