Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Steroids and Injuries

I think one of the most under-reported aspects of the steroids in baseball story has been the effects steroids had on injuries. Injuries seem to be up across the board for all teams in baseball. The A's are going to set a team record for the number of different players to appear in uniform this year (and their trainer was picked for the AL All-Star team). The Red Sox already have matched the number of different players as they used last season. Then you have the Mets.

One of the main benefits touted about steroid use was increased recovery time for the athlete. Steroids allowed the athlete to work out harder and more often. It also helped mask the wear and tear of playing. Now without steroids it seems the injuries from general wear and tear are everywhere.

Many people have commented that you no longer will see players in their mid-30's getting long-term free agent deals. Those days are gone. However, it should also be noted that with all the increased wear and tear injuries - farm team depth will be the new key to success. Look at the Red Sox this season and how the lack of farm team depth at shortstop may end up keeping them out of the playoffs. I think you will start to see much of the money that was going to the aging stars now going toward stocking the minor league teams.

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