Monday, August 03, 2009

Rumor Expert

OK - I have to mention this. I'm on Twitter (@ALargeRegular) and I think it's great. I'm following lots of people (88 and growing every day). A person has to bring something to the table for me to be interested but even a person who brings something to the table can wear out their welcome.

Take Will Carroll for example. He Tweets as @InjuryExpert. For the most part he is interesting and informative. I've long enjoyed Carroll's writing. However, I'm starting to see a side of him that I don't like. He's an unapologetic rumor monger.

Jose Canseco says there's already a juicer in the Hall of Fame. Carroll tweets that it must be Rickey Henderson. Canseco says it's not Rickey. Carroll tweets that it must be Dennis Eckersley. Victor Martinez gets traded to the Red Sox. Carroll tweets that Clay Buchholz is part of the deal. A rumor is spread about Sarah Palin. Carroll repeats the rumor and tweets that she's getting a divorce.

In none of these instances did Carroll follow up to apologize for being so wrong.

To make a technology analogy - studies have shown that no matter how good the TV programming if the viewer experiences constant pixelization or freezing - they will turn the channel or turn off the TV. I'm sure Will Carroll doesn't know me from Adam but rumor-mongering is like pizelization. If I keep seeing it - I'll definitely turn off the source.

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