Saturday, September 05, 2009

College Football Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous college football thoughts and observations.

Ohio State is a 22 point favorite over Navy today and I'm tempted to take the Midshipmen. The Buckeyes will not be familiar with the triple-option and will probably be looking ahead to USC next week. No matter what happens since Navy is getting $1.4 million to play this game - they already come out ahead. Amateur sports my ass... Another potential look-ahead trap game is Kentucky vs. Miami of Ohio. The Wildcats next opponent is in-state rival Louisville but Kentucky has an off week next Saturday so I think they keep their concentration enough to cover the 15.5 points against the Red Hawks... The last time Ohio State played Navy - Art Schlichter was the QB for the Buckeyes. I'm guessing he's betting Ohio State today... The Purdue vs Toledo game features new coaches for each team but only Purdue's coach expects to win. I like Purdue giving 10 but I also don't like the idea of all those fans bunched together in the midst of a potential swine flu outbreak... Thinking about Art Schlichter makes me think about never placing another bet again in my life...

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