Friday, January 08, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I hope Nick Saban sells his Gatorade soaked shirt from last night on eBay and gives the money to charity. Just the same as what Doc Rivers did after the Celtics won the NBA championship. Face it - Saban will never wear that shirt again - why not put it to some good?... The Big Lebowski rewritten as a work of Shakespeare... If you wanted to see what the "streaker" "idiot" from last night's game looked like click here... On this day in 1835 the US national debt was reduced to $0 for the one and only time in history... Wow! What Britain would look like without the Gulf Stream... On this day in 1821 James Longstreet was born. Many people know him as a famous Confederate General. I remember him best for a line attributed to him in the great book The Killer Angels. Longstreet was considered something of an expert on poker and when asked "How often should one draw at an inside straight?" He answered "Never!" That piece of advice has stuck with me and saved me some money over the years... I've admitted to being a geek and a Doctor Who fan - so I found this amusing... It's a shame! Wikipedia lists many famous people born on this day including Elvis, David Bowie and Larry Storch but they don't list the great sports writer Joe Posnanski. Another example why you can't always trust Wikipedia...

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