Saturday, March 20, 2010

Debauchery - Thy Name is Preakness

This story conjures up images of the infield turned to a mud mix of spilled beer and vomit. Excellent - will there be webcams?

The key paragraph from the story:
Under the new drinking policy announced Friday, patrons will be able to pay $20 for 16-ounce mugs of beer with unlimited refills. The price of admission for the infield will be $40 - $10 less than last year - and individual beers will go from $3.50 to $3. Outside food and coolers will still be allowed, but any drinks, including water, are off-limits.
Can you just picture the potential riot waiting to happen if there are not enough places to get beer or pourers to dispense the golden liquid? This is going to be great fun to watch. I'm serious about the webcams. This will be more interesting to watch than the racing.

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