Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 10 Fantasy Baseball 3rd Basemen

Here's how I would rank 3rd basemen for fantasy baseball purposes.

1. Alex Rodriguez Yankees
2. Mark Reynolds Diamondbacks - drop him down a notch if your league penalizes for strikeouts
3. Evan Longoria Rays
4. Pablo Sandoval Giants
5. Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
6. Chone Figgins Mariners - stolen bases are what set him up this high
7. Michael Young Rangers - good for 20+ HR but I'm afraid of taking him for some reason
8. David Wright Mets - last year in pre-season some were arguing he was the top 3rd baseman. This year - not so much.
9. Chipper Jones Braves - don't ever count Chipper out (but also plan to have a Plan B for when he gets hurt)
10. Aramis Ramirez Cubs

I had Kevin Youkilis listed as a 1st baseman but he's probably eligible in every league for 3rd. He'd be in the top 5.

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