Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 10 Fantasy Baseball First Baseman

Here's how I would rank first baseman for fantasy baseball purposes.

1. Albert Pujols Cardinals - obvious choice though my gut tells me that Pujols is due for a year with time missed for injuries
2. Ryan Howard Phillies
3. Prince Fielder Brewers - you could flip these last two with no problem. I put Howard slightly ahead of Fielder due to the better line-up surrounding him.
4. Miguel Cabrera Tigers - a sober Cabrera could have a monster year
5. Mark Teixeira Yankees
6. Kevin Youkilis Red Sox - you could flip these last two with no problem also. I put Teixeira first so that people wouldn't say I was a Red Sox homer. Youkilis actually should be taken before Teixeira since Youkilis also qualifies as a 3rd baseman as.
7. Joey Votto Reds - could be one of the best values in any draft. Capable of putting up numbers equal to anyone above him on this list but you can generally grab him much later in the draft.
8. Adrian Gonzalez Padres - great hitter but home ballpark and lack of support in line-up drop him down the list
9. Kendry Morales Angels - can he repeat his breakout season from last year? If yes then he easily can produce as good as anyone above him on list.
10. Derrek Lee Cubs - this is how deep this position is. Derek Lee is 10th and Justin Morneau doesn't even make the cut!

I have Pablo Sandoval and Mark Reynolds classified as third baseman but many leagues allow you to play them at first as well. I guess the point is this position is so deep that you shouldn't use your first or even second pick on a first baseman unless you have the chance to grab Albert Pujols.

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