Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Second Baseman

Here's how I would rank second baseman for fantasy baseball purposes.

1. Chase Utley Phillies - if he's healthy then it's not even close.
2. Robinson Cano Yankees - this guy is a danger to win a batting title every year plus he has 20+ HR power. Being in the powerful Yankees lineup trumps concerns that sometimes he seems to play like he doesn't care.
3. Ian Kinsler Rangers - last year it seemed that Kinsler traded batting average for batting power. This season he could find a happy medium for both and hit .290 with 25 HR.
4. Dustin Pedroia Red Sox - you could almost make the argument for any of the next three to be listed in any order.
5. Aaron Hill Blue Jays - last year was a career year for Hill but he should be coming into his prime seasons so he should be able to duplicate something close.
6. Ben Zobrist Rays - was last year a fluke? Could be a bargain in most leagues but that's because the uncertainty about him. Hey - the AL East sure has a great bunch of second basement don't they?
7. Dan Uggla Marlins - 27+ HR's and 88+ RBI each of the past four years.
8. Gordon Beckham White Sox - may be listed as third base only in some leagues but worth a pick for when he become eligible.
9. Brian Roberts Orioles - most people probably have Roberts listed much higher than this but I'm concerned about his health.
10. Casey McGehee Brewers - could be a real sleeper for those not paying attention. Last year he hit 16 HR and was 4th in OPS among second basement with at least 300 AB.

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