Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

The over has gone 11-1-2 in the first 14 MLB games of the season. Each year I tell myself that I'm going to take the underdogs in each game of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament and the over in each game on Opening Day. Each year I fail to do so and leave money on the table... This would have been better than the real movie... The Braves Jason Heyward's nickname should be Hot Damn! Combines Hotlanta and what you say every time he's at bat. Jay Hey Kid just doesn't do it for me... So Marc Bulger's wife gives birth to a baby girl on Sunday and he wakes up feeling good on Monday because it's his birthday and then BAM! he gets cut by the Rams. Couldn't the Rams have waited a day so as to not cut a guy on his birthday?... Marlin is still the plural of Marlin (i.e "I caught several marlin") - right? Then why do people call them the Marlins?... Omar Vizquel needs one hit to reach 2,673 and tie Luis Aparicio for 2nd most hits by a shortstop in history (Jeter is 1st with 2,731 and counting). You would think that Cal Ripken would be in the top 3 but he spent his last few seasons as a 3rd baseman... Silver lining for Cleveland fans; even though Mark Buehrle dominated your team yesterday the Indians are still the only AL team Buehrle has a losing career record against (12-14)... People who make me immediately change the channel; Rick Reilly, Dan Shaughnessy and Colin Cowherd... When the Patriots traded Matt Cassell people were upset they didn't net a higher draft pick but New England got the 34th pick of the draft while the Eagles just got the 37th in exchange for Donovan McNabb. Not sure if this says something about the Patriots or about Donovan McNabb or both... The most interesting man in the world circa 1900...

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