Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Favre Int.

The most under-reported story today is how Brett Favre's last minute interception was the bailout from heaven for anyone who bet on the Jets and a damn you and your penis moment for anyone who had the Vikings last night.

Let me set the table - the Jets were a 4.5 point favorite last night. The Jets were up by 2 at 22-20 with less than 2 minutes to go. Anyone who had the Vikings was happy. If the Vikings scored then it was a bonus. If they didn't then the 4.5 point spread still made Vikings' bettors winners. If the Jets got the ball back they would just take a knee until the clock ran out. The Vikings were out of time-outs and had no way to stop the clock. The only thing that could bail out anyone who bet the Jets was a pick six. And what did Brett Favre serve up on a silver platter? Yup. Prayers were answered last night.

I'm not even going to mention how the interception effected the people who bet the over/under. Last night was one of the biggest betting last second rabbits out of a hat ever and nobody is talking about it.

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