Thursday, October 14, 2010

NFL Agents

The recent confessions by Josh Luchs about paying college football players when he was an sports agent got me thinking about an old question I had regarding agents. Back before the 2006 NFL draft the Wonderlic scores for Vince Young were leaked. The leak purported that Young scored a miserable 6 on the test. Back when that happened I speculated that the ones who could benefit from this leak could be the agent of another player who potentially could pass Young in the draft order and thus earn the agent tens of thousands of additional dollars.

The next QB in line to be drafted would seem the logical place to search for clues to the mystery Wonderlic leaker and given that Matt Leinart had some agent hopscotch going on - I wonder if his representation would be a good place to look. Consider that Leinart had Chuck Price (who doesn't seem to have much info available on him) as his "football agent" and he switched horses right before the draft from Leigh Steinberg as his contracts and marketing guy to Tom Condon. Then a year later Leinart drops Condon for convicted felon Mike Orstein who was fired by Reggie Bush just prior to signing Leinart.

Leinart seems to project a certain moral flexibility and I have to wonder if there could be a good story to his college finances and representation. I wonder if anyone has thought to ask Chuck Price what he thought about the realism of the Josh Luchs story?

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