Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Paul Pierce's World Series of Poker run ends. He made it to day 2 of the tourney but going all-in with a pair of deuces makes me wonder how he got that far in the first place... Confession - I can't see the movie Lawrence of Arabia without thinking of the porn equivalent Lawrence of a Labia... Just a reminder of how lucky - yes lucky - Wade Boggs was to get to 3,000 hits (he finished with 3,010). If Boggs didn't play at Fenway Park he would have just been an average player. Doubt me? Here's Boggs career home / road OPS splits .934/.782. So at home he was Vlad Guerrero and on the road he became Shane Victorino without the speed. Plus if it wasn't for expansion he wouldn't have even been in the league long enough to get 3,000 - Tampa Bay used the local Boggs as a marketing promotion and then dropped him after he got his hit because by that time in his career he was pretty much useless... I wonder what was the last movie to feature an overture. If Slap Shot had an overture it would have been the perfect movie... All of the Planet of the Apes movies (and TV shows) are based upon the novel by Pierre Boulle but yet he never seems to get any credit. Can you think of any other book that launched as many movies and spin-offs?... Awesome marriage proposal... Just wanted to share this but in the new Brita commercial where the lady gives bottled tap water from the mall to an Eskimo - I always imagine the woman being from New Jersey... Speaking of commercials - if you close your eyes and picture Flo from Progressive Insurance as a talking turkey carcass - then commercials become much less annoying... Some Funny or Die type site should do an Anthony Bourdain spoof. Just call it Reservations. Even better do Anthony Bourdain spoof called Really No Reservations where a Bourdain-type guy eats fish heads, bone marrow and pigs feet from dumpsters... Succulent Pork would either be a good name for a band or a good euphemism for a sex act. Black Forest isn't a euphemism but Nappy Dugout is. Rusty Jones isn't a euphemism but Filthy Sanchez is. Who decides these things?

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