Thursday, July 28, 2011

Red Sox Magic Number - 58

The Red Sox won and the Yankees loss so the new magic number is 58 which also happens to be the uniform number of Jonathan Papelbon. Many Boston fans think Papelbon will be gone after this season and with good reason. Papelbon makes $12 million this year and is a free agent at season's end. The only way I can see Papelbon returning is if he unexpectedly accepts arbitration. Otherwise Daniel Bard will probably be elevated as the new Red Sox closer - a move that many fans are both expecting and looking forward to. Bard is 4-years younger than Papelbon and his ERA is almost half of Papelbon's this season (1.81 to 3.59). I still blame Papelbon's 8 blown saves last year as a big reason the Red Sox didn't make the playoffs (plus his blown save against the Angels in the playoffs the year before cost me a lot of money so I'm biased). For people outside New England it may seem strange that so many would be so willing to jettison a hero of the 2007 Wold Champion team but think about this - is that any different than Keith Foulke?

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