Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why the Red Sox Will Make a Trade

Excellent look at the Red Sox 40-man roster and how that and the Rule 5 eligible players could make a trade attractive:
For that reason, the Red Sox can afford -- and, indeed, might be wise -- to trade three or four high-level prospects for an impact player. Not only could that impact player help them win the World Series, but the trade could clear the 40-man-roster logjam and allow the Red Sox to retain some of the other prospects they've devoted so many resources to developing.
They clearly have the minor league trade chips to make a deal. But do they have a need and is there a player out there to fill that need? The answers to those questions are the team clearly needs an upgrade in right field and a starting pitcher may be necessary with Dice-K out and everyone wishing John Lackey would join him.

In the outfield Carlos Beltran will definitely generate the most media heat but Ryan Ludwick may be another option but would either player really be that much of an upgrade over giving the job to Josh Reddick? I'd prefer giving Reddick the shot.

A starter may make the most sense but even though the Red Sox are bursting at the minor league level - my gut is telling me they may stay put. Then again - I wouldn't be surprised if they made a move especially after reading Brian MacPherson's analysis of the 40-man and Rule-5 landscape.

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