Friday, December 16, 2011

Tebow Comparison

Just for the heck of it - take a look at this player comparison:
Player A - 52.3% Comp% / 5.8% Int% / 180.4 PYG / 14.6 RYG
Player B - 51.9% Comp% / 5.4% Int% / 166.6 PYG / 13.4 RYG
Player C - 48.9% Comp% / 1.8% Int% / 97.2 PYG / 37.2 RYG
Player A is New England favorite son Steve Grogan, Player B is Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw and Player C is Tim Tebow. It is interesting to note how closely Grogan compares to Bradshaw but the reason I made the comparison was to show how closely Tim Tebow is coming to resemble these two old school winners. Sure the passing yards per game isn't quite up to Grogan's or Bradshaw's level yet but who doesn't think that as time goes on Tebow won't be attempting more passes per game and thus upping his PYG? For example - if you just took this season then Tebow is averaging 117.3 PYG and 47.0 RYG which if combined puts Tebow very close to the offensive output from Grogan (just 30.7 yards less per game) and just less than 15 yards per game than Bradshaw averaged over the course of his career.