Friday, February 03, 2012

Cogan's Trade by George V. Higgins

Recently I read the book Cogan's Trade by George V. Higgins. Even though I am a life-long resident of Massachusetts, I was unfamiliar with the work of Higgins. He was just before my time I guess.

I was compelled to buy and read the book by two unrelated issues. First in a Boston based episode of No Reservations - Anthony Bourdain said that The Friends of Eddie Coyle was the basis for the best movie on crime ever made. The I saw that Brad Pitt is planning on taking the title role and making Cogan's Trade into a movie. Cool. I figured I had to get into Higgins' work.

First I read Cogan's Trade. The book was a quick read - almost like one long series of conversations. You could see how this could easily could be converted into a screenplay. I recommend the book and look forward to the movie. Which leads me to The Friends of Eddie Coyle.

I was intrigued to see the movie and tried to find it on Netflix. It wasn't there! Strangely enough the movie is available on YouTube.  Worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.