Friday, September 28, 2012


Recently I saw the movie Anonymous and I still find myself thinking about it days afterward. That is the mark of a good movie.

The premise of the movie is that Shakespeare did not write the plays for which he is famous but instead the real author was Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. The movie is in no way historically accurate when it comes to this "theory" but the movie gives enough twists and turns to make you wonder at the end if this could have happened.

If there is a criticism to the movie I'd say that at the beginning the movie jumps around from time and place too much. It is confusing but maybe that was the idea. Get the viewer a bit disoriented so that the later twists and turns are more acceptable to the mind that just settled who is where and who is what. (I know that's confusing but trust me the movie does that to the viewer.) Also at the end we watch a theater crowd exiting the theater. Too slow.

If you like Shakespeare (which I do) and like movies that you have to think to follow - then Anonymous is worth the two hours.