Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Amateur

Just finished reading The Amateurby Edward Klein.  It was a good quick read but if you have been paying attention politically - then there were no real bombshells. The only real bombshell was former President Clinton urging his wife Hillary to run against Barack Obama in the 2012 primaries and of him giving Obama the nickname which graces the cover of the book.

If anything - things have gotten worse for the Obama Administration since the release of the book. There's plenty in the book with Obama's issues with Israel and the Jewish vote in the US. But the book couldn't predict that the Administration would be so confused by its own stance towards Israel that senior people couldn't name the capital with the status of Jerusalem being one of the negotiating items the Administration wanted "on the table" (even though that's a complete non-starter for anyone who is even briefly acquainted with Jewish history).

Foreign policy? The book details the root issues with American involvement in Libya but how was Klein to know that just months before the election these amateur foreign policy decisions would cost a US Ambassador his life? And that the Administration would basically lie about the cause of his death?

I don't think history will be kind to Barack Obama but after reading The Amateur by Edward Klein - I am very much convinced that history will not be kind to Valerie Jarrett and Michele Obama. Just wait - stories about their meddling will start to come out in dribs and drabs and if Obama loses the election those stories will come out in a flood.