Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jared Remy and Jennifer Martel

Medicine for the dead has a great post about Jared Remy and how he brutally murdered Jennifer Martel.

Not sure if I would lay so much blame on the Remy's for being bad parents but they had to know Jared was a monster. I would have two additional thoughts to add:

1. If what people are saying about Jared Remy's mother getting Jennifer Martel to rescind the emergency restraining order then I hope the Remy's never get to see their granddaughter ever again.

2. Other states like Connecticut have changed their restraining order laws so that they can't be rescinded to help prevent this exact type of situation. Massachusetts should make similar changes.

1 comment:

  1. A restraining order would have done nothing to prevent him from murdering her. A piece of paper will not stop someone who is committed to a course of action.

    If she had been armed, then she possibly could have stopped him.