Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NFL Betting

It's that time of year again. The NFL season is upon us and the madness to make NFL bets willy-nilly will soon descend upon many of us. Before you succumb to the the beast consider these two recent posts on NFL betting.

First - when it comes to spotting trends - only a fool will think he's uncovered something Las Vegas wasn't aware of.

Second - only 8 QB's in history (with at least 100 starts) would have made money for you ATS.  And the best of all-time ATS - Joe Montana - would have only made you $3,580 after risking $18,700 (assuming $100 bet on each regular season start). That's not much of a return on investment. And that's on the greatest ATS QB in history! If you bet every Tom Brady regular season start you would only have a profit of $2,930 on $19,100 put at risk.

If you are going to bet - bet for fun and not because you think you'll be able to make it a part time job.

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