Monday, August 05, 2013

Player Comparison

This player comparison has been in my thoughts the past few days:

Player A - 1061 G/ 150 HR/ 681 RBI/ .281 BA/ .382 OBP/ .861 OPS
Player B - 1092 G/ 137 HR/ 555 RBI/ .274 BA/ .364 OBP/ .828 OPS

Very similar players. Player A is Kevin Youkilis who Yankee fans should remember was supposed to be the third baseman for the Yankees this season - not Alex Rodriguez. Many people are wondering if Alex Rodriguez' career is basically over but the same could be said for Kevin Youkilis. He was signed for 1-year at $12 million. No way he gets that sort of money next year. Maybe he doesn't get any offers. Maybe at age 34 he calls it quits.

It was all over for Player B after his age 34 season and lists him as the most similar to Kevin Youkilis. Player B is former Youkilis teammate Trot Nixon who was a Red Sox mainstay but then ended his career in the uniform of two other teams - playing a combined total of 110 games for first the Indians and then the Mets.

Youkilis was also a Red Sox mainstay but has now worn the uniforms of the White Sox and Yankees for a combined 108 games. Scarily similar.

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