Saturday, October 17, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

You want to know why I'm pretty sure the Vice President will run for the top spot on the ticket? "Joe Biden" is an anagram for "I need a job"... Why yes - I would be interested in owning a full-sized working version of the Little Tykes car... History nugget: when Admiral Dewey destroyed the Spanish fleet in Manilla in 1898 - he lost only one sailor. That sailor died of heat-stroke... It's funny because it's true!... "First you get the money, then you get the binders, then you get the women," Mitt Romney as Tony "Scarface" Montoya... Amazing how far off course the Democratic Party has gotten since the days of JFK... Do you think the reason Bernie Sanders is so quick to give Hillary a pass on her emails is because if people check his they will find he has fallen for the Nigerian Prince scam multiple times?.. Interesting suggestion from John Bolton on how to fix the UN... Imagine the press coverage this would get if it was George W. Bush or even Bill Clinton - Obama's golf outings cost taxpayers over $20,000 PER HOLE...


  1. John Bolton was one of, if not the brightest members of the Bush administration. The fact that he was maligned by the Democrats confirmed this, and the fact that he is virtually ignored by the Republicans is, sadly, unsurprising.

    The Spanish Navy had absolutely no chance against Dewey, and he knew it.

  2. The Colts had no chance against the Patriots - and they knew it (says lucky guy who got Pats -7 vs Indy)

    John Bolton will always be second in my eyes in intelligence and competence to Donald Rumsfeld (PBHN)

    Yeah - pretty drunk right now - whoo hoo