Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie

I liked David Bowie's music but didn't LOVE his music. I mourn more the loss of a public figure who was so obviously intelligent and in possession of such a top shelf sense of humor (those types of people seem to very rare theses days). This article seems to reflect my feelings on the passing of Bowie (except I wasn't a bully and the person who made me re-think Bowie was my daughter and not a co-worker).

Stories like how Bowie took up boxing help to show both how multi-layered the man was but also how generous he was with his time and curiosity.

It also had to be said that Bowie's death seems to hit so many so hard because it came out of the blue. Despite the fact that he was diagnosed with cancer more than 18-months ago - very few were aware of it. His health, privacy and circumstance were truly his own. He died with undenied class and style. The same way he lived his life.

EDIT: This video helps illustrate just how smart and funny a man David Bowie was.

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