Sunday, February 07, 2016

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I think Carolina rolls today but I'm not betting on the game. The Broncos in the NFL (like Syracuse in NCAAF) always seem to find a way to screw me when I bet on or against them... This is actually an excellent idea... I saw this picture and I was curious who the woman was who was Wonder Woman's stunt double. Turns out Jeannie Epper has had quite an illustrious film and TV career (though only one episode of Wonder Woman)... "Cthulhu doesn't play dice with the universe" - Albert Einstein... If you've seen The Force Awakens this is awesome...  I always assumed Bob Feller had already been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Feller's patriotism made Ted Williams feel like a pussy for crying out loud. Sign the petition!!... Heh heh - "I got some new underwear today. Well, new to me" - Emo Phillips... Wasn't this basically the plot to Carl Hiassen's Skinny Dip? Really surprised Skinny Dip hasn't been made into a movie... Not only was Richard Nixon the only sitting President to attend the Kentucky Derby - he was also the only President to meet both Elvis and RoboCop... 11 days till pitchers and catchers report to spring training!...


  1. Good call on the bet.

  2. Do as I say - not as I do.

    At the last minute I caved and took the Panthers