Friday, February 12, 2016

Why I Blog

This touching post about a woman retracing her deceased husband's digital steps hit home. It made me think about why I have this blog in the first place. This blog is NOT for YOU the READER. This blog is for first and foremost for ME. (Although I do hope you find some enjoyment sharing my thoughts and interests.)

Let me explain.

Many times I write a post because if I don't put a particular thought down - it will keep circling my brain to the point of distraction. Writing the thought down allows my brain to say "OK on to the next thing". Plus I will also jot down occasional thoughts because if I didn't they would be lost to the ephemeral nature of life. With these little gems jotted down I can look back at posts from years ago and experience them as if they were new.

I will also sometimes note things which I found interesting or amusing during my day. Or document trips or experiences I might have had. My own personal digital time capsule. I can see a post from five years ago and it will spark memories about where I was in my life, what my kids were doing and many other feelings that might have otherwise been lost. These memories are precious to me.

That's why I blog. Maybe you should blog too. It's great therapy.  

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