Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Top 5 - Things I Want to See in Boston Sports

If I had my way - here's the Top 5 things I'd like to see in Boston Sports (knowing that most of these might not happen):

1. I would have Tom Brady file both a $200 million defamation suit against Roger Goodell and the NFL AND file a $200 lawsuit against Roger Goodell personally for creating a Hostile Workplace.

2. Brad Stevens is half-way through his 6-year contract and I think it is time to extend him for another 4-years for a total of 10-years. A long term commitment to Stevens sends a message to both existing players and also to NBA free agents (the job Stevens does in Boston hasn't gone unnoticed by the players on other teams).

3.  Have the Patriots target free agent running back Matt Forte as a number one priority. I know the offensive line has to be the first problem to be addressed but Forte as a pass catching bruising running back would be such a great weapon in the New England offense.

4. Speaking of the offense line - bring back Dante Scarnecchia as the offensive line coach (looks like this is actually happening).

5. Move the Pawtucket Red Sox to Worcester.

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