Monday, October 31, 2016

Put Joe Biden in the Movie Title

I amused myself by replacing part of some of the greatest movie titles of all-time with Joe Biden. Some of these movies actually should be made:

The Good, the Bad and the Joe Biden
The Silence of the Joe Biden
Forrest Gump
Joe Biden 2: Judgement Day
Joe Biden of Arabia
Eternal Sunshine of the Joe Biden
Joe Biden: A Space Odyssey
Inglorious Joe Bidens
Mr. Joe Biden Goes to Washington
Cool Hand Joe Biden


  1. Dale & Tucker & Joe Biden vs. Evil
    Goodbye, Mr. Joe Biden
    My Dinner with Joe Biden
    The Return of Joe Biden
    Joe Biden Fishing in the Yemen

  2. Joe Biden Does Dallas

  3. BTW - Dale & Tucker is such a great underrated movie

  4. It's up there with Better Off Dead as a cult classic