Sunday, February 26, 2017

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Actor Bill Paxton has passed away at age 61... Knowing that Neil Diamond wrote Sweet Caroline about a prepubescent Caroline Kennedy - his song Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon is even more creepy... What were people in the 1970's fucking thinking!... When people think of Bill Paxton's movie roles I think most think of him starring in Twister but I always think of him as Morgan Earp in the movie Tombstone... This remains one of the best "selfies" in history even though George Harrison took it before the word "selfie" even existed... According to Hammurabi's Code the fetus of a "superior" woman was worth 10 shekels of silver... This is the car I'd really like to own... When I hear the name Sean Spice for some reason my brain thinks of Dora the Explorer and Swiper. Spicer stop spicing!... It still blows my mind that the Patriots led the Super Bowl for ZERO minutes and still won...


  1. I had reversible jeans in the late 70s. They were two-tone with reversing stripes down the side of the legs.

    I covet Reggie Dunlop's car. I will ask forgiveness.

    FYI you misspelled Earp.

  2. "I didn't spell Erp wrong. You just have alternative facts as to the correct spelling." - Sean Spicer.

    (Actually I fixed the spelling - thanks)