Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on this day 44-years ago.

I have a valid alibi for that entire day.


  1. I was 14, so either I was incapable, or highly precocious.

  2. I was 9 but that's all I'm saying without a lawyer present

  3. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Joe Pesci ,al Pacino, Robert Deniro ,are all great actors besides Ray Liotta (goodfellas) character Henry Hill. (applause)Anyway,i like to say i am look forward to see ,Irishman,i am sure it going be great with a star cast. charles Brand book paint Houses. Frank Sheeran claim He was given the order from Russell Bufalino (other mob bosses) that Hoffa had to go ,and that He ,Tom Andretta -Steve Andretta ,went to Machus Red Fox restaurant 6676 Telegraph Rd Bloomfield, Michigan,then drove away 17841 Beaverland Rd/Curtis St Troy Michigan.Then they walk into house nobody didn't greet Hoffa ,then he tried to run but Sheeran shot him then Tom/Steve clean up men did the rest -took Hoffa funeral parlor cremated?So where is the Ashes? Is Hoffa buried at any of these places above?Did Sheeran tell the whole truth ? Since Frank Sheeran was in military participated violence as a excuse for him to be a hitman,was that his confession? Was Sheeran in Dallas 11-22-1963 for Mob/Jimmy Hoffa since Sheeran been associated with him since 1957? Didn't author ask Sheeran about Dallas and Sheeran he didn't want talk about it?

  4. Anonymous5:21 AM

    James Riddle Hoffa (born February 14, 1913; disappeared July 30, 1975, later declared dead July 30, 1982)missing 44yrs?So why did __wait to get involved & because want Hoffa not found?Dan Moldea think Sal Bugs Briguglio whack Hoffa? Vince Wade thinks Irishman didn't whack Hoffa he was reporter in Detroit? Brandt lawyer turn author knew Frank Sheeran Irishman that wrote what his client told him ? We all know Hoffa went missing july30,1975 from Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.Who all were in Detroit at time peroid (july) Russell Bufalino, Wm Bufalino,Tony Provenzano,Steve & Tom Andretta & Tony Jack Giacalone capo detroit crime family,Sal Bugs Briguglio, Chuckie O'Brien ( Tenn got married)? who was not in Detroit Tony Salerno (1911-1992) who talk to Irishman & Russell Bufalino about do away with Hoffa ? Hoffa driver 1952-1956 Elkind claim that Salerno & tony Provenzano hook up job being hoffa driver Marvin Elkind at the Capa and He claims Elkind was with Tony Jack Giacalone while walking Omni - Renaissance that Tony jack said Say GM Hoffa that is suppose to prove that theory or does it prove that Elkind work for Giacalone/Provenzano?Moldea group his cospirators & Irishman group his cospirators & you add them all up & seem to be the same cospirators?So who did it - was either Frank Sheeran Or Sal bugs Briguglio? Hoffa usually sat in front seat but Irishman story Hoffa sat back seat with Sheeran? Even Elkind said Hoffa always sat in back seat? Usually Hoffa sat Front seat or back seat ? Did Hoffa bring in Mafia into Teamsters & Pension fundloans casualty Co Allen Dorfman whacked jan20,1983 with his pal Irwin Weiner(bondsman) at his side in chicago park lot?Irwin Weiner oct1963 call from Jack ruby(brothers) used be neighborhood chums ?Irwin Weiner testimony he knew mafia & giancana &trafficante others? allan dorfman Stepdad Paul Dorfman Chicago Waste Handler's Union inwhich jack ruby involved Leon Cooke? Irwin Weiner friends with Mike Shore Reprise Frank Sinatra Records? Frank Sinatra - Sam Giancana - Paul Skinny D'Amato July27,1962 Marilyn Monroe last weekend geo Jacobs & Buddy Greco(photo Monroe/Sinatra?)) Richard Nixon golf with Gleason & tony Pro & Fitzsimmons & Bebe &then Hoffa pardon 1971?

  5. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Hoffex File: Suspects: Lets figure out Location of Residence 1920-40s:Nicholas and Faye (frances) Andretta lived at 104 Garden st (next to Park ave ) Hoboken Hudson N.J.1950s to 1969 Nicholas A (Fay) H 0-32 SaddleRiver Rd.FairLawn N.J.1958. Stephen C (Sherry) R 0-32 Saddle River Rd Ridgewood N.J.. Thomas A R 0-32 Saddle River Rd.The 1970s:Stephen Andretta 2 Pascock Rd Twp Washington,Nj.Salvatore Briguglio(wife Mildred) 709 Wearimas Rd twp Washington Nj. Gabriel Briguglio 46 Herrick St E.Rutherford.Nj. Thomas Andretta 25 Alpine Dr paramus N.J. Anthony Provenzano 1917-1988:634 Palm dr Hallendale Fla. Nunzio Provenzano 315 E. Fairview ave S.Plainfield N.J. Salvatore Provenzano 172 Pine St Hackensack N.J.Salvatore Briguglio Feb24,1930-March21,1978! Salbug47 Gabe 36 in1976!(reply with dates demise?) Anthony “Tony Jack” Giacalone, described as age 57, Detroit La Cosa Nostra lieutenant and street boss “who was reported to have set up meeting with Hoffa ?Anthony giacalone 38687 Cypress Meadow Dr Clinton Twp Michigan.5500 collins ave Miami Fla.613 Congress St Detroit Michigan (1920-1940s)..MusicBox(playboy Lounge)17569 E. Warren(cadieux ) Detroit Michigan. Detroit Mafia 1017-1013 St Antoine St month of July1975 Mafia members busily walk to fro coffee shop to Corrado private office cocktail lounge.Dominic/Tony Corrado (crime family) ,Tony Zerilli,Frank Meli,Tony Giacalone,Tony Tocco (crimefamily),Dominic Cavataio & Lawyers Father -Son Wm Bufalino of Detroit Michigan.