Thursday, October 09, 2008

Presidential Odds

Holy crap! Really bad news for John McCain - he's become a huge underdog against Barack Obama instead of pulling closer. The betting odds now stand at:

John McCain +$350
Barack Obama -$500

Meaning - you would win $350 on a $100 bet on McCain or you could risk $500 to win just $100 on Obama. This is a giant difference in odds from just over a week ago when McCain was +$155 and Obama was -$190.

To put this in perspective - Barack being at -$500 is akin to being an 12 point favorite in college football. An 12 point favorite playing AT HOME! Think Georgia vs. Tennessee this weekend with McCain being Tennessee and Obama being Georgia. Yikes!

If you are a McCain supporter you can take heart in thinking of the New York Giants who beat the similarly favored New England Patriots in last year's Super Bowl.

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