Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When You're Right - You're Right

Just wanted to point out a couple of things this morning.

First - #1 Pittsburgh loses to Providence. Remember what I said about a ranked opponent playing on the road against a conference foe on the bubble? BC against Florida State was another of a series of games which proved me right.

Secord - going back to the way-back machine. Do you remember what was said in this space once the trade to Cleveland for Coco Crisp was finalized?
The key player from the Indians side is Andy Marte who is rated by Baseball America as the 9th best prospect in baseball. I have no problem saying that I hope Donald B. our expert on all things related to Georgia sports (especially Braves baseball) is right when he says that Marte is nothing but the second coming of Melvin Nieves.
Credit for that one goes mostly to Donald - especially in view of the fact that Marte gone from super-prospect to a guy nobody has taken a chance on yet.

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