Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods as Don Draper

I can't help but think of the parallels between what Tiger Woods is going through and the Don Draper character on Mad Men.

Don Draper is a successful man whose business is advertising. He is married to a beautiful blond and has two kids. Don Draper is also living a double life and cannot keep his penis in his pants.

These past few weeks we've learned that not only is Tiger Woods a very successful man who makes a ton of money in advertising and who has a beautiful blond wife and two kids but also that he's living a double life and has trouble keeping his penis in his pants. And don't tell me Elin Nordegren doesn't look a lot like January Jones (who plays Don Draper's wife on Mad Men).

Don Draper had his secret of really being Dick Whitman. The public and married Tiger had the secret of really being the Rakes Progress. On Mad Men, Don Draper's home life falls apart after his wife learns of his double life. Ditto Tiger Woods.

However, from what the porn star has said about Tiger in bed he still doesn't have the "full Don Draper treatment" down. Yet.

On the show Mad Men the last episode had Team Draper striking out to start their own firm. How interesting would it be if Tiger did something similar? The Tiger Tour. Screw the PGA just like Don Draper eschewed the big ad agency on Mad Men. Both stories are cliffhangers right now with everyone waiting to see what's next.

EDIT: Damn it! Bill Simmons played the Tiger as Don Draper card as the last entry in this mailbag! Damn you Bill Simmons (of course thousands of people probably made this same connection in their minds)

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