Friday, November 02, 2012

Presidential Pardons

If President Obama loses the election one of the most interesting things to watch for will be who he decides to give Presidential pardons to on the way out the door. I'm inclined to believe that President Obama may give Attorney General Eric Holder a blanket pardon. Holder would then become where the buck stops on anything the Administration did that may have been in less than the spirit of the law. Fast and Furious would be the obvious scandal that could stop at Holder's door. In exchange for immunity Holder could take the blame for that. Taking illegal foreign campaign contributions? Holder could step up and say "My bad!" There are any number of examples (and probably many more will see the light of day if Obama loses Tuesday).

Many people have called for Eric Holder's resignation for many years. The President stuck by Holder probably because Holder knew too much. Giving Holder a pardon in exchange for Holder agreeing to take the blame for anything and everything would seem a fair exchange. I'm not sure if the law allows for pardons for crimes that have not been charged yet but hey - when did a little thing like the law stop this Administration?

Just combine the pardon with yet another Executive order - presto chango!


  1. It does, and he will. I expect to see a pardon something like:

    "for any and all offenses and infractions of possible offenses and infractions that one Eric Himpton Holder Jr. may or may not have committed, been involved in, or had knowledge of; prior to January 20th 2013"

    I expect we'll see the same for Rahm Emmanuel at the very least; and probably a whole bunch of Obama cronies, supporters, and power brokers from earlier in his career who commited crimes to get him into major elected office.

  2. Chris - wouldn't be surprised if the pardon was word for word for what you wrote. Valerie Jarrett probably gets a get out of jail free pardon too.

  3. If he's really ready to burn political bridges and spend the rest of his life "lecturing" and selling books, then he'll do the same for all of the 60's anti-american radicals who still have outstanding crimes.

    He'll be the biggest god the left has ever even conceived of.

  4. That is such a great point. I would be surprised if he mixed in some pardons for some deceased 60's radicals who have seen their reputations burnished in death with some living ones like Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers. Excellent point!

  5. This guy hasn't lifted a finger for anyone who hasn't helped him directly. I think he's too lazy to pardon fellow ideologues. He'll protect his own narrow ass, but not others' asses.

  6. The main thing keeping him from mass pardons is his relative youth and fact that he will hold out hope for 2016 or 2020 (ala Grover Cleveland being 22nd & 24th president). We may think a loss tomorrow ends his future ambitions, but his ego may not allow him to register that notion.