Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Modest Proposal

The United States is $16 trillion in debt. That is unsustainable but even worse - that number continues to grow. With the news that is now OK for the President to target Americans abroad via drone attacks - why not use this new approval to help solve the debt problem?

The US government could sell television rights for all drone attacks. That could raise millions upon millions of dollars. The winning network could use the exclusive to bolster prime-time viewing. Breaking in with no notice for 15-minute Death from the Skies specials. Viewers would have to keep tuned in to the network as to not miss any live gruesome details.

If the money from the broadcast rights was not enough then the government could run quarterly "auctions" where people could bid on the target of their choice. The winning bid and target would be secret until the mission was complete. The government would have 90-days to complete the hit or have to return half the money. The name of the target would then be made public so they might have incentive to win the next auction (driving up the price and driving down the debt!).

This could also drive all sorts of accompanying business. For instance the folks from Code Pink could rent themselves out as human shields like they did for Saddam Hussein before the first Iraq War.

This idea has potential.

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