Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Odds on Who Dies

JK Rowling has said that a major character dies or is killed in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Here are the latest odds on who dies:

Professor Dumbledore - 1/5
Neville Longbottom - 4/1
Hagrid - 4/1
Cho Chang - 11/2
Ron Weasley - 6/1
Fred and/or George - 6/1
Molly Weasley - 6/1
Arthur Weasley - 6/1
Severus Snape - 7/1
Professor McGonagall - 7/1
Ginny Weasley - 8/1
Hermione Granger - 10/1
Dobby - 10/1
Oliver Wood - 14/1
Harry Potter - 16/1
Draco - 22/1

The odds have changed quite dramatically since I first examined them a few months ago. Neville Longbottom wasn't even listed before and now he's 4-1? Interesting. Draco at longer odds than Harry Potter - incredible.

Of course all of this is pure speculation. I still agree with my original thoughts on the matter but with the new odds - I would say that the best bets are Fred and / or George Weasley at 6-1 or Mr. Weasley also at 6-1. Dumbledore is the prohibative favorite and I could see his death fufilling a plot line (he's the only one Voldemorte is afraid of and his death would lead the way to both open warfare and also Harry rising to his greatest heights) - however, as a bet - his odds are not worth the risk.

The book is due out in July.

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Edit 2: Looks like it's Dumbledore who gets the big adios. Hat tip to Bill Cook

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