Monday, November 14, 2005

Morning Links

Some stuff to read with your morning coffee.

- Zach Hayes of All-Baseball with "Some rumors and reactions coming from a weekend with no real news to report…"

- Gene Menez has Vince Young leading the pack of Heisman contenders. I think that neither Reggie Bush nor Matt Leinart will win this year because they'll in effect split the USC vote. Me? I'm completely on the Brady Quinn for Heisman bandwagon

- Wretchard on the McCain Amendment on torture:
What the McCain Amendment will do is change the bean-counting rules. It will not create a framework in which real torture can be limited and stopped. That would require accepting moral responsibility for affirming practices which may be proscribed under the Geneva Conventions but fall short of real torture. That would mean explaining to the public that we are correspondingly determined to outlaw real, barbaric torture, even when by foreswearing it, public losses must be endured. Instead politicians will want to have it both ways and promise the public that they will neither soil their hands nor let the sleeping populace come to harm. No one who desires re-election can promise the voters only "blood, sweat and tears". The time is long since past when politicians could say to a nation at war "death and sorrow will be the companion of our journey; hardship our garment; constancy and valor our only shield." That's too much of a drag. Today even our conflicts, like our food, must be untouched by human hands.
- Newspaper readership and ad revenues continue to decline. On-line content is to newspapers what TV was to radio. Sure radio is still around but back in the 1930's it was the dominant medium. Now its an afterthought.

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