Friday, November 04, 2005

Morning Links

Some stuff to read over your morning coffee.

- Do as I say indeed!
In "Do As I Say," [author Peter] Schweizer reports that [Al] Franken has hired 112 employees over the years and only one was black - news that Franken was not pleased to see in print.
- Vinnie Castilla traded for Brian Lawrence. Last year when Castilla signed his $6.2 million 2-year deal - I said he'd be a stiff and that Jim Bowden was a fool for signing for him. Now Kevin Towers proves to be a fool for trading for him. Hopefully moving Lawrence opens a spot for David Wells. I'd love for the Red Sox to trade Wells to the Padres for Xavier Nady.

- Victor Davis Hanson once again brings an enlightened historical viewpoint and common sense to the discussion on Iraq.
There are, of course, no Swiss cantons arising in the Middle East. Rather, we see the initial tremors of massive tectonic shifts, as the old plates of Islamic radicalism or secular autocracy give way to something new and more democratic. The United States is the primary catalyst of this dangerous but long-overdue upheaval. It has taken the risk almost alone; the ultimate reward will be a more stable world for all.
Meanwhile Paris burns because they have turned a blind eye to the problem.

- Lee Corso is a penis!

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