Sunday, November 13, 2005


Javier Vazquez has asked to be traded. That is his right per the collective bargaining agreement as a player who was traded in the middle of a long term contract. Here's my question: if Manny Ramirez is traded can't he also invoke this same clause after next year? Right now Manny holds 10/5 rights as a player who has played 10 years in MLB with the last 5 with the same team - so he can veto any trade the Red Sox propose (even though he's the one supposedly asking to be traded). Don't you think that what the Red Sox would get in return for Manny would be diminished because of teams knowing that Manny could invoke the same clause that Vazquez is invoking? What team is going to give up its top prospects for potentially just one year of Manny?

This is another reason why I predict that Manny plays 2006 in front of the Green Monster in Fenway Park.

EDIT: While making a response to LargeBill in the comments - something occurred to me. Manny's current agent didn't make anything from his original contract. His agent at the time was Jeff Moorad who now runs the Diamondbacks. Getting Manny traded and having Manny opt out of the new team after just one year would be the agent's quickest way to a new contract for Manny and a big commission for himself. The new team would have to trade Manny or Manny would become a free agent. The agent could hold this clause over the new team's head in order to get a new deal for Manny whose current deal has just 3-years left to run.

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