Thursday, November 17, 2005


I let the Spam mailbox on my GMail account get a little bit out of hand. I had over 2,500 spam emails in there and I've decided to make a concerted effort to purge about 100 each time I check my email. I know I could just let them collect and eventually GMail would toss them but every once and a while something that's not spam gets put into the spam mailbox and its a good idea to check every once and a while.

It seems that most of my spam falls into seven categories. There's the refinance ones, the ones that purport to be from Amazon accounts (or ebay or PayPal), the ones saying I won a lottery I never entered, shills for supposed cheap Canadian prescription drugs, the one's that begin with "from the desk of" insert name of embassy official, bank official or royal family member here saying they need to deposit money into my bank account, the ones in languages or characters I can't read, and the ones for Viagra or Enzyte type products.

Some of the ones from this last category can be kind of funny. I've had impotence or ED spams that started off with "If you haven't had an erection in five years then this email is for you." "Did you have to buy your wife a vibator for her birthday last year?" The Enzyte ones are even better, "Make your penis visible through your pants" or "With our new Viagra Soft Tabs you will be able to open a bottle of beer with your penis."

Hey I only said "kind of funny" (I didn't say it was Woody Allen funny - but come to think of it Woody Allen hasn't really been funny for a long time either).

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