Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brad Penny

Is it unseemly to complain about a loss after your team had just won 11 straight? I don't care - it should have been 12 in a row. Two players cost the Red Sox the win. Brad Penny has an ERA of 8.66, couldn't get out of the third inning last night without giving up 7 runs and really shouldn't be starting any more games once Dice-K comes off the disabled list. Justin Masterson should take Penny's rotation spot but that won't happen. They will stick with Penny and he'll continue to stink the joint up.

Does it seem strange to anyone that Penny was able to get a $5 million contract but Pedro Martinez was not? The other player who cost the Red Sox last night was Javy Lopez - the lefty relief guy who lefties are hitting an even .400 against. The Red Sox should jettison Lopez ASAP. He's a waste of a roster spot.

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