Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Leave Coach Rich Rodriguez Alone!

How dare anyone make fun of Coach Rich Rodriguez after all he's been through! He loves Michigan football! He divorced his old team to coach here. He had to go through a bad contract battle to coach here! All the NCAA cares about is their stupid rules and making money off coaches like Rich Rodriguez. HE'S A HUMAN! What you don't realize is that Rich Rodriguez is making Michigan football all this money and the sportswriters following the program just write a bunch of crap about her - I mean him. He hasn't performed on a stage this big for a program this big before. All you people want is more, more, MORE, MORE! Leave him alone! You're lucky he even coaches for you bastards! Leave Coach Rodriguez alone! Please! I don't even want to talk about Coach Rich-Rod's professionalism. Speaking of professionalism - where was that professionalism by the sportswriters when he was going through a 9 loss season? LEAVE COACH RODRIGUEZ ALONE! PLEASE! Leave Coach Rich Rodriguez alone RIGHT NOW! I mean it! Anyone who has a problem with him crying like a little girl - you deal with me because he's not well right now. Leave him alone....

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