Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boston Bruins

The Bruins lost a heart-breaking 4-3 game 7 to the Philadelphia Flyers last night. When I say "heart-breaking" I mean for Bruins fans. I really don't count myself as one. I used to be able to name every player on the Bruins roster and used to watch every single game but my support for them waned when they trotted out the excuse that they wouldn't pay any player more than Ray Bourque because it would be an insult to Bourque and then had to trade Bourque to give him a chance to play with a championship team. My waning support disappeared when they traded Joe Thorton to San Jose. I even tried to cancel my subscription to NESN when that happened.

So last night I did check in on the game between innings of the Red Sox but today I'm not broken-hearted or even mildly upset. The Bruins always disappoint the fans like this. And this will be true until they get new ownership. Until that day - I'll remain off the Bruins bandwagon and on the sidelines caring about other things.

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