Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mike Lowell

I'd love to have Mike Lowell coming off the bench for the Red Sox all year but you know he's not happy and would rather be someplace where he'd be able to play full-time. When I do an inventory of teams that could be trade partners for the Red Sox - I get three possibilities.

1. Texas - they were a trade possibility before and they remain one. Do they really want to rush stud hitter Justin Smoak? If after 20 games Smoak is still hitting sub .200 then a move for the veteran presence of Lowell would make lots of sense for Texas who has a real shot at the AL West. Let Smoak watch and learn from the bench how someone like Lowell goes about his business.

2. Florida - Mike Lowell was a big name for the Marlins before and could be a drawing card for the Marlins again (especially among the Cuban community). The problems are that Gaby Sanchez is doing a good jib at first base and since he's a Miami product - then sitting him for Lowell could have a negative impact on fan interest (plus it would be more costly for the cash conscious Marlins).

3. Toronto - would the Red Sox deal within the division? The Blue Jays certainly have a need as Lyle Overbay has been dreadful.

Of course someone could get hurt and create a need. The best thing to do, in my mind, is to sit tight and see how things play out. But if there is a trade - then I wouldn't be surprised if the deal was with one of the three teams listed above.

EDIT: I'd add Seattle to the mix. I had no idea how badly Mike Sweeney was doing for the Mariners as their DH.

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